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People have hit me. Ow!

Hello! My name is Tsukino Shingo. I am the brother of Tsukino Usagi and the son of Tsukino Kenji and Tsukino Ikuko. For some reason my voice sounds very similar to Kawishima Chiyoke. (maybe, it's because my voice is done by Kawishima Chiyoke! ^_^)

I always get Usagi in trouble. It's cool! I am a character on an anime show called Sailor Moon. It's cool too! Did you know my sister's name means, "Rabbit of The Moon"? Strange huh? Well, its not as strange as my name, Traffic Light. What the hell was mom thinking?

Well enough about my dorky sister, let's talk about me. I like this girl named Shiratori Mika. I met her in episode 5. In episode 18 I was kinda stupid though. She was going to give me this cool doll that I liked that she had made. It won first in a doll contest. As she was handing it to me, I heard some people making fun of me so I dropped the doll and broke it. She got all sad, and I felt real bad. Usagi kept pestering me to apologize, so I did. When I went over it turned out they had company so I left. The company turned out to be the evil Nephrite. He posessed her dolls with negative energy and she became evil. Luckily Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts came to my rescue. Yay!

I'd really like to know who Sailor Moon is. Hmmmmm, she kinda reminds me of Usagi. Maybeeeeee, nahhh. Too much of a ditz. She'd have trip and kill those nasty Youmas. Over time I almost completely vanish from the show, and now make very few appearances. But when I am around, I kick!

My sister has the weird cat named Luna. Luna has a crescent moon on her forehead. I used to not like Luna, so I bought this weird pet called a Shaneera. The Shaneera's became very popular. It turned out there were actually evil creatures and would suck your energy and turn you bad. I got turned bad, but was saved by Sailor Moon!

My sister has all these weird friends, funny how they all also remind me of Sailor Scouts. My sister knows, Minako, Makoto, Ami and Rei. She's also in love with this guy named Mamoura.Usagi calls him Mamo-Chan, I call him a baka because he dumped my sister. B!&@#$D!

I like playing video games. I got hecka ticked off when someone called and made me lose the Sailor Moon game I was playing. It's cool. There's also a Sailor V game. In Japan it has a blue background, but for some reason, over in North America it has a pink background.

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