Well the final verdict on Chibi-Chibi is in... but there are two verdicts!

Naoko says...: Chibi-Chibi is Sailormoon's future self, Sailor Cosmos. Its like Sailormoon minus Usagi0chan so she has no fear in her heart.

Toei Animation says.....: Chibi-Chibi is the light of hope from Galaxia's starseed. So shes a form of Galaxia and Galaxia is good. Ohhhhh-kay.....

In Diana's opinion... trust Naoko. The manga is the real Sailormoon story.

Heres all the pictures I have of her... These are made by my friend Prasit Thank you!



Heheheh, I guess shes as confused about him.her as we are :)

You go girl!!!!

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